Happy Birthday to : The Polish Brothers !!
A Tumblr especially made for the polish brother's birthday in order to share a few thoughts & messages for their special day. We're showing them our love & gratitude. xoxoxo

PS : if you check out this 2nd page, you'll see what some people could come up with on a creative aspect, being inspired by you and/or For Lovers Only...

A few words from Angus McDonald

My unreserved support and admiration go to these twin guardians of cinematic integrity. And Happy Birthday !


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Andrea stopped by to write something down

Mark and Michael,

FLO is that movie that touched my heart and soul so strongly it actually is overwhelming. When I first watched it, it was only to satisfy my Stanatic attitude. But then, I actually forgot it was Stana (like I always do with her) and fell in love with Sophia. 

Then I discovered Yves, and I started loving him too. I think just as much as Sophia does. And more the movie went on, more I would be engrossed in it. 
The beautiful way France is painted made fall in love all over again with my country. And the feelings, the intimacy of their relationship. I’ve always been afraid of falling in love because I was afraid I would not know how to love someone, how to be in love. And FLO made me loose a little of that fear. Breathtaking and heartbreakingly beautiful, the story, the movie made me cry my soul out if I could say that like that. 

The moment where I always break is when Sophia says my favorite line: “This is my heart. It’s yours. I’m not protecting it anymore. ” Then, that moment when we hear “Love is real, real is love… ” and when they start dancing, remembering their beautiful journey and accepting that it was getting to an end always breaks my heart. But in a so beautiful way, I always end up so calm after watching it when in fact I’m always so energic. 

So for all those feelings I wanted to thank you, and what a better day than your birthday, right? So thank you, and happy birthday you too.

xo, Andréa (@AndreaLilianaC)

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Time Flies

Due to a lack of time, we wanted to let you know that we communicated with a few people you know and we’ve told them about this little project, unfortunately, they didn’t have time to leave a note because of their tight schedule. Yet, they’ve been really kind and they all have a special thought for your birthday today … we’re talking about Eve Lacheteau, Jean Claude Thibaut, Kubilay Uner, Sean O’Grady  and Kyle MacLachlan.

We’re grateful they took the time to hear us out and we’re also glad to see you’re surrounded by amazing people.

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… is wishing all the best by his own… :)

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A message from Corinne

Dear Mark, Dear Michael,

I would like to share with you my comment about “For Lovers Only” to tell you how much I love your film. I’m very delighted with the way of filming France and especially Paris, where I live. So far away from all clichés that I’ve seen in US movie.

• A Few Words About #FORLOVERSONLY

Hang the technology, the 3D, the blockbusters and the stars with oversized egos when a small team, a simple camera and generous actors, and such talented actors, are all you need. The choice of black and white is highly suitable, focusing on the characters more than on the magnificence of places and offering pure poetry.

No need for tricks, or long speeches when emotion, enjoyment, but also pain can be read on the faces. The choice of Michael to film his subjects so closely is not innocuous. So he invites us into the intimacy of this couple. The charm of Stana simply applying the deathblow, right there in the heart. The fad aroused by this movie, available – let us remind you –only on the platforms of download, is such as the social networks teem with #soldiersoflove, ready to fly the flag for this road movie. What a noble cause is that of defending love. Whoever knows this state of grace – to be in love – can only appreciate this movie, the wealth of nostalgia that it evokes embraces us. Whoever has not yet known love, will dream about it. “For Lovers Only” takes us into “Le tourbillon de la vie “.

Listening to the words again of this legendary French song, extracted from the “Jules et Jim” movie by François Truffaut, I say to myself that it could have been in “For Lovers Only” credits, so perfectly adapted is this song for the film.

  “On s’est connus, on s’est reconnus, (We met, we recognised) On s’est perdus de vue, on s’est r’perdus d’vue (We lost sight, we lost sight again) On s’est retrouvés, on s’est réchauffés, ( We met again, we warmed ourselves) Puis on s’est séparés. » (Then we separated) 

If I could add something else, I’d say to you “Don’t stop”. Don’t stop making film, don’t’ stop letting us dream, don’t stop choosing Stana in any project you have. It’s not innocent if I chose this quote because it’s my favourite one.

“For Lovers Only” wouldn’t have been the same if Yves had stopped kissing Sofia. There are so many meanings in Sofia’s sentence like -don’t stop kissing me- don’t stop loving me - don’t stop believing in us.

I hope seeing both of you in Paris with the whole cast. I believe in you to make this dream comes true By then, I wish you “un très bon anniversaire”.

Big kisses from Paris.

Corinne ( @Cocooun )

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Jessica wanted to let you know …

Michael, Mark,

I hope you’ll enjoy your birthday with all the pleasures it has in store ! May God bless you with wonderful times ahead, I hope all of your wishes come true. May each hour and minute be filled with delight… Happy Birthday to you !


I don’t even know what to say about that wonderful movie because there aren’t enough words to define how it made me feel. Because I’ve deeply been in love, I could totally relate to Sofia and Yves. I’ve been through quite a similar path and even if it’s not exactly the same story, I could understand every single emotion the characters were dealing with. The way the movie was filmed, the location, the actors and actresses, this private cozy atmosphere… every detail merged with others made the whole movie fantastic. According to me, real love has never been portrayed as good as in this wonderful independent movie. It wasn’t like all these high budget hollywood movies at all. That made the whole different. Being inspired by the french new wave is brilliant, the approach is kind of unique and that’s what I appreciated about it.

It was deeply moving and I have to admit that I couldn’t hold my tears, but I couldn’t help smiling either while watching those scenes in which Sofia and Yves were just enjoying some moments together, those moments when they weren’t thinking of their spouse and family but they are ‘living love’ ( just like John Lennon said in ‘Love’ song ). Their love is deep and real. That’s all they needed.

My favorite scene was definitely that one when Yves is picking Sofia up at the hotel for a road trip, I loved every scene from the minute he’s waiting for her to that Mont St Michel arrival… the whole time we hear that Arcade Fire song I would say. Those are my favorite scenes because the characters are so happily living in the moment without caring about anything else. They are themselves, having fun… loved when she asked in the car ” - So where are we going ? - To Hell *laugh* - Okay but before that… - I need to get my itinerary… * then Yve isn’t holding the steering wheel  anymore and Sofia has to take care of it * - Wow you’re kidding me right now, what are you freaking doing ?! “

I think that scene for instance shows how spontaneous they are and how cheerful they are I mean, it’s just so pleasant to see that ! Not only I loved those scenes ( also when they’re walking around the Mont St Michel and Yve’s taking some pictures of Sofia ) but I loved the soundtrack and that old peugeot !

When it comes to my favorite scene, it’s difficult to make a choice but again, even if I liked many of them, I would go for those in that bedroom scene when there’s taking pictures of each other and Sofia says “  I love your sens of Humor, it’s wrong “… and there are a bunch of sweet clips of them … but I truly liked that conversation they had at the beach ( discussing about Yve’s Wife ) and then, Yves said ” Sofia look at me… I know you… Don’t ask these questions, they do us no good…not here, not right now…”  after Sofia told him “.. it’s like I’m jealous and I don’t even have the right to be “. This is exactly how I felt for a lover. I related to Sofia in that scene and the emotion was quite strong. Just like the way she was feeling for Yves.

I really liked the beauty of the story and what is pleasing is seeing someone taking care of somebody else because of anything else but love.

That movie shows the true meaning of Love. Love is never selfish …

Thank you very much for this stunning, outstanding work.

Hugs and Kisses,

Jessica ( @Jessy_Phil )

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"On behalf of George and all of us here at GeorgeMichael.com, I would like to offer our best wishes to Mark and Michael on their birthday ! “

Lisa ( georgesmichael.com )

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Alba’s message …

Hey Mark and Michael !!

Happy birthday ! May the best happen to you ! I wish you tons of happiness and love.

I don’t know what to start with first because i want to say a million things !

• A Few Words about #FORLOVERSONLY

Your film was a before and after in my life. I have to tell you that it had an influence on my life…Before FLO I didn’t like romantic films, I thought that they were kind of boring ( sorry to tell you this )  and kinda stupids… But from the minute I’ve watched For Lovers Only, I’ve seen things differentely right away !

I think that it taught me the real meaning of love and that it is not always all about a smile and a perfect & great time. I’ve learned from it that  love shows people’s doubts and moments when they are afraid of their feelings.

Trying to understand the whole meaning of  the film was a bit hard  for me since I’m from Spain and I’m not really used to American english, but once I’ve understood it :  it was magic.

The awesome girl who is preparing this website gift asked me about my favorite scene, well… it is so difficult to make a choice ! I think it’s the one in which Sofia and Yves are in the Mont Saint Michel and they start talking about the frame, at this moment there’s something between them that I can’t explain, a connection I think…a beautiful connection.

Alba de Juan y Lopez ( @ItsMrsFillion )

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A note from Océane

To Mark and Michael,

• little note for you, with all my love

What can I say ? First of all, Happy Birthday to you  !
What a gift Prema’s doing by giving us the possibility to show our love and devotion to you and the opportunity to thank you for everything you’ve done.
It’s a kind of tribute to two brothers who have made a movie that is love by so many of us !
Thank you for giving us a time of happiness in this world through For Lovers Only.
I truly hope you’ll have the recognition you both deserve and that For Lovers Only’s success will lead to many more projects !
When Big Sur is going to be on the big screen, it will make our Soldier of Love heart beat so fast !
We’re looking forward to seeing it because your talent is limitless. Your ‘creations’ are always different and new which makes the difference between your work and the others, and it is totally worth it !
I can’t help to thank you again, this day is yours and I wanted to let you know that you’re creating and spreading much Love around you, l’amour avec un grand A.

• Soldier of Love

France has been enhanced by For Lovers Only. Thank you for this wonderful movie ! This kind of love is so beautiful and even if the character’s life made it complicated it’s still tough and true, real. You’ve raised our awareness, ______ .
Thanks to both of you for this masterpiece.
And I want to thank Stana Katic without whom I’d never have heard of For Lovers Only and I wouldn’t have known who you were and I’m glad I did ! I would have missed out something ( such a romantic movie ) and someone ( two amazing brothers ).

• A Few Words About #FORLOVERSONLY

I have to admit that picking a favorite scene was really difficult because I love that movie from the very beginning until the end. For instance I loved that scene in which Sofia was in that cab talking with the driver ” Et sans raison qu’est-ce qu’on deviendrait ? On perdrait la raison…”

" Tu sais ce qu’on dit à Propos de Paris, à propos de la France ? " " - For Lovers Only ". This is a moment I adored but I don’t have a clue if it’s my favorite. I’ve loved so much that scene in the bedroom in which Yves and Sofia are taking pictures of each other, through that "game" they’re showing some happiness, their unconscious love… while watching that scene it gives a lighter and shiny atmosphere. It’s truly an enjoyable scene that gives us this thought that both Yves an Sofia feel in harmony with each other. Among my favorite quotes I would definitely say ’ Love Me In Focus ‘…

So here’s one of my favorite scenes but the whole movie was amazing, the storyline, the actors and I want to thank everybody who has worked ‘behind the camera’ for this terrific work !

between Yves & Sofia. The inconscience of their love. This scene give a ambiance light and shiny . It’s a pleasure to see this because we have the impression of communion and it seems to be real and not a movie. And the “Love Me and Focus”, I like it!
This is one of my favorite scene, but the film is amazing, the story, the actor, and all those who worked behind the camera.Thank You

All in all, congratulations about For Lovers Only because there aren’t enough that kind of visual art you made.
There’s only one thing left, For Lovers Only being screened in Paris. We are looking forward to seeing it around here !

Love, Océane ( @Oceane_tlse )

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Audrey’s message…

Hi Mark, hi Michael!
I wish you both a very happy birthday with a lot of happiness ;) 

Thank you for For Lovers Only : you both created a masterpiece, a must-see movie. I didn’t think it would become my favorite movie but … it is. 

• A Few Words About #FORLOVERSONLY

I love many, many scenes in For Lovers Only and it’s been hell to choose only one scene. But after a long hesitation, I’ve finally chosen the scene where Sofia & Yves meet in the stairs. I love it because it is FULL of emotions. There is no dialogue, there is no music, nothing : just silence. Only them, meeting again after 8 years without each other. The silence of this scene makes it so emotional because they don’t need words. Everything is on their faces and in their gesture. We see surprise, love, altogether sadness and happiness in their eyes. It could have been accompagnied by a song, but I just think silence makes it more… meaningful and sentimental. And if I had to pick a line from For Lovers Only, I would say “Every twist and turn was just a straight line back to you”. I just love this one more than any other one because it shows how much Yves loves Sofia. No matter the 8 years that went by, he didn’t forget her because he just can’t. He can’t forget her, can’t stop loving her. Everthing in his life brings him back to her…

By the way, talking about Paris I’ve visited it in a special “For Lovers Only way”. I went there with a friend and we’ve attended several places where the movie was filmed. It made our trip more magical since we could say “Mark, Stana and Michael were there a year ago”. :)
Thanks again for this movie, and these 90 magical minutes of love !

I really hope you’ll come back to Paris ! ;)
Have a great day, and keep being as amazing as you are! Audrey ( @OhApple_ ) , a  French soldier of love.

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Verena wanted to tell you…

Dear Michael and Mark,

• A Few Words About #FORLOVERSONLY :

When I was first asked to participate in this project, I agreed without even giving it much thought. I mean, how hard can it be to write something about one of your all-time favorite movies? Choosing a favorite quote or scene and explaining why it means so much to me seemed simple enough. But then I thought about it some more, and I realized that this didn’t turn out to be quite as easy as I first thought it’d be. I had so many different quotes and scenes swirling through my head that it became impossible to choose just one. So I decided to re-watch the movie again (even though I had already seen it a few times by then and remembered it quite well, some of the more defining moments even by heart, I dare say). However, while I was watching it again, and writing down some different quotes, or simply scenes, I just kept adding more and more to my already long list of “possible favorite moments”. How do you choose one, and only one, favorite moment of a movie when there isn’t even a single scene you dislike?
    The truth is, I’ll probably never be able to choose a favorite scene, or quote, or anything. Even if by the end of this I’ll choose one, I might like another scene just a tad bit more the next time I’ll watch “For Lovers Only”, or I might look at some quote from a different point of view and realize just how defining or important it is for the unfolding of the plot, when I hadn’t realized that before. Because “For Lovers Only” is one of these movies, like some rare books or movies, that the more you think about them or whenever you re-read or re-watch them, you realize something you hadn’t even dreamed of thinking about before. It’s like a flower that slowly unfolds and never fades, never stops to blossom. Maybe I am wrong, maybe one day the magic of it will fade, maybe one day I will have watched it so many times that I will feel like there’s nothing left to discover for me, but right now I can honestly say that I highly doubt there will ever be such a moment and if there ever should be one, it will definitely be in a far away future, one that I couldn’t even dream about right now.

    There are so many things to love about this movie, from the overall plot and its development down to the choice of the songs and their lyrics, which admittedly fit so perfectly that they sometimes even seem to specifically have been written for this sole purpose. There is so much continuity, that even though there are so many narrative ellipses, I never once felt like there was something missing. The big, defining moments were nicely balanced out by some random scenes of Sofia and Yves just being together and enjoying it, doing everyday things like any other happy couple on vacation, scenes that might seem innocent at first, however become some of the most important ones, nicely highlighting the problematic of their relationship. Each of their internal and moral struggles were balanced out by their goofiness and their carefree-ness. Every time their spouses were mentioned, their love for one another was even more prominent than usual. Until it all comes crashing down.

    All throughout the movie it is really well shown just how devastating and consuming their love for each other is, how even after approximately eight years of being apart, they still haven’t found a way to get over each other, merely a way to live their separate lives, even if they’re both only miserable at best. There are some lovely scenes proving this, like at the very beginning, before they even meet again, when they’re both in Paris, barely doing their jobs, and later on talking to their spouses on the phone. Other moments I really loved where, for example, the moment after they left the restaurant and walk along the Seine, when Yves talks about how he has “been rendered to shooting things”, as well as his earlier claim: “I think if it weren’t for gravity I would’ve fell off the face of the earth.”.Or some of Sofia’s statements after Yves saw the tattoo of her husband’s name on her thigh and she tries to explain to him how and why her life has become what it is now: “Because he wasn’t you”; “Because I just wanted to erase you”. I could now go on and quote just about half of this movie, because there is just so much about their inability to move on; and somehow every quote about it just seems so heart-wrenching, in such a beautiful way. It’s quotes like these that still make me believe in the possibility of true love, of a connection shared between two people that is so strong and special that nothing is able to break it, even though I consider myself a realist, bordering pessimist, but nothing close to a romantic person. It’s quotes like these that make still make hope to someday find my own soulmate, let alone consider the existence of there being one person being out there for everyone. But most of all, it’s the way their relationship ended both times that still makes me believe in it all.

    One of my favorite aspects of “For Lovers Only” is the way they just decide to live in the moment. They have issues to deal with, and they are painfully aware of those, but they seem to know from the beginning that their time together is limited and try to make the most of it. But somehow these unresolved issues seem to always catch up with them in one way or another. I really love how, in this one scene when they sneak to the kitchen at night and Yves tries to get her to eat the piece of chocolate, she’s reluctant at first. The first time I ever watched this, I just thought about it as some really cute scene between a loving couple, but the more I thought about it, the more I saw how well this scene shows at least one of the issues they have and that they never seemed to be able to resolve. Sofia doesn’t seem to trust Yves completely, however she’s still trying to. She really wants to give this her best possible try, tries to “completely commit” to him, to them. I believe that this scene is one of the most beautiful of the entire movie, because even though it seems so innocent at first, it turns into something bigger in the blink of an eye, which makes it all the more believable. And what I love about it even more is how both of them go from a conversation with an important underlining about their troubled relationship to sharing some chocolate through a kiss. Everything about this scene seems so real, it doesn’t feel scripted in the least, actually most of the movie doesn’t. It just looks as if someone took a camera and followed a reunited couple all around France. It just feels natural. And this is what makes “For Lovers Only” that much better than any random romantic comedy, better than all these movies shot on a huge budget that have a plot that leaves no room for surprises. “For Lovers Only” is a movie, that even though it seems just that much more believable than any Hollywood movie, kept me wondering what would happen next all the time. When I thought they would argue, they kissed or went for a walk. When I thought they would break up, they found a way to go on. And lastly, when I thought they would find a way to get over all their issues, they broke up. And to this day, I still haven’t fully understood the very last scene, the only colored one, because it can be interpreted in so many different ways.

    So no, I cannot choose a favorite moment, or favorite quote. I could only make a list of some of the most iconic or representative quotes of the movie, but only choosing one wouldn’t do this movie justice. A single quote represents only a single aspect of the plot, but it would never be able to represent the movie. 

Anyway, I’d like to wish you a happy birthday and also I wish you both the best
and look forward to some new projects of yours….

Love, Verena ( @fakedsmile )

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Karolina said…

Dear Michael and Mark!

I wanted to wish you happy birthday. May this day be unforgetable for you both! May all your wishes and dreams come true, and I wish you all the success you can ever dream of. All the best!

• A Few Words About #FORLOVERSONLY :

I also wanted to thank you, for your awesome work, your projects, films, are really great. But the most I’m thankful for… “For Lovers Only,” yeah I think it’s not a surprise for you. I’m really in love with that movie, it’s 90 minutes of pure love, and it breaks my heart everytime I watch it, and believe me I watched it A LOT of times. (I’m not even counting now, because I’ve lost the track.) As I said it before, somewhere, it is a beautiful film about love and sacrifice. This what Sofia and Yves had was a true love. Because only true love is willing to give up what they could have for the happiness of someone else. It takes true love to give up what Sofia and Yves gave up. She didn’t want to hurt his daughter, and I think that she did this for her. Exactly the reason why they broke up for the first time, right?

About favorite FLO scene…”No matter how many words I use, or I used. It all ends with the same sentence. (…) This is my heart. It’s yours. I’m not protecting it anymore.”
The most heartbreaking scene I have ever seen. Not only that it is very simple, and very beautiful at the same time, this one sentence is filled with a lot of love. I can feel it, I can hear it. Love that knows it has to end. And also in this scene I see trust. She gave him her heart, her thoughts, her everything written in that notebook. She trusted him with her memories and feelings. That scene has the most powerful meaning for me, so that is why I would call it my favorite scene.

And I think that this ending is what makes the movie so special to me. Doesn’t matter that it breaks my heart, it also gives me hope. For a better tomorrow. Love like this doesn’t happen very often. And from the very beginning I kind of felt that they are not going to be together in the end. That she will come back to her life, and he to his. Love is not always all bright and shiny, and we have to make some choices that are not going to be good for us, but for the people who are around us, sometimes we just have to resign from something we really care about and really want it for the other people’s happiness. And this is what sacrifice is all about. It hurts, but we know we are doing the right thing.

And that is what makes this film real.
So thank you for showing us the real side of love. It is really amazing how well you could print it for us on the screen!

Once again, happy birthday!

Karolina ( @ fabiennka )

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A note from Sandra

Dear Mark,
you have probably heard this a hundred times before but I think you are an amazing person.
Meeting you in Oldenburg was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. You were so kind and easy to talk to. I cannot thank you enough for making this day so memorable.
You are such a talented guy from writing to acting. Your performance in For Lovers Only was fantastic. 

• A Few Words about #FORLOVERSONLY :

In my eyes, For Lovers Only is a masterpiece, a brilliant, beautiful and intimate film beyond words. 

Like I said before, the best thing to do on a rainy day is to cuddle up on the couch with my sweetheart and watch it, over and over again. For Lovers Only really, really touched me. 
My favorite quote is “Love doesn’t conquer. It’s not some kind of weapon that you wield.”
It is so true.

My favorite scene from FLO is when Yves is lying next to Sofia on the bed, she’s holding and caressing his hand, whispering softly the words that make her ( and me ) ” love doesn’t conquer. It’s not some kind of weapon that you wield”

That is what true love is all about. Love isn’t love if you are not willing to sacrifice, to place the happiness of others before your own. Love is never selfish.
Love is finding that special someone who brings out the best in you. And even if this means no happy ending after all, isn’t it what we are all looking for in life?

Anyway, may this birthday offer you & your brother as much joy and happiness as you give to all soldiers of love.

All the best and a big hug from Germany,

Sandra ( @sandraxf ) xoxo

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